Russellville Water & Sewer Board Distribution

The Russellville Water & Sewer Board strives to maintain low rates and fees for its customers. Our maintenance crew is actively maintaining several hundred miles of water and sewer mains.

Our water distribution system has numerous tank sites, pump stations, fire hydrants and water meters that are maintained by our maintenance crew. The maintenance crew also has the task of collecting the distribution system water compliance samples each month.

Our wastewater distribution system is also maintained by our maintenance crew. This distribution system, consists of pump stations, manholes, mains and services.

The maintenance of the distribution systems revolves around the GIS mapping system that is used to collect data points. The data is utilized daily for system maintenance and design. The GIS mapping system assists with locating items in the distribution systems and is a valuable tool when attempting to correct a hydraulic problem that may exist. The GIS data acquired also plays a major role in local ISO fire ratings.

Be sure to contact Customer Service with any questions or concerns regarding your account.

(256) 332-3850

For after hours and Emergencies call the Russellville Police Department at (256) 332-2230