Pipeline Safety For your Family, Neighborhood & Community

The Department of Transportation has said that pipelines are the safest way to transport natural gas from place to place. To maintain this safety, natural gas pipeline and distribution operators have developed Integrity Management Plans, routine monitoring, right-of-way patrols and inspections. In addition, operators provide safety awareness, training and support to its customers, residents along the pipeline, first responders, excavators and public officials.

Distribution pipelines, used to transport Natural Gas underground to your home or place of business, are usually composed of larger distribution lines called mains, and smaller lines called service lines. Some aboveground related structures include regulator stations, meter stations, customer meters, regulators and valve box covers. These aboveground structures give an indication that there are underground natural gas pipelines in the surrounding area, and typically include signs that can be used to identify/contact the owner of the associated natural gas distribution systems.

Damage Prevention Program

Call 811 Before You Dig! Keeping the natural gas pipeline system safe is everyone’s responsibility. Pipeline damage most often occurs during digging and excavation activities. Whether you are simply planting a tree, auguring a fence post hole, installing a deck or working on a more complex home or commercial excavation activity, you have to call 811 before you dig.

Pipeline Safety PDF

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